Board Committees

The Board maintains three standing committees: the Audit Committee; the Corporate Governance & Nominating Committee; and the Organization & Compensation Committee. Assignments to, and chairs of, the standing committees are recommended by the Corporate Governance & Nominating Committee and approved by the Board. All committees report on their activities to the Board. Each standing committee operates under a charter approved by the Board. The charters for each of the standing committees are posted on the Company’s website at www.AerojetRocketdyne.com and are available in print to any stockholder or interested party who sends a written request to Secretary, Aerojet Rocketdyne Holdings, Inc., 222 N. Pacific Coast Highway, Suite 500, El Segundo, California 90245.

The following table provides the membership of each standing committee of the Board in 2019:


 Warren G. Lichtenstein (C)      
 Eileen P. Drake      
 Kevin P. Chilton   C  
 Thomas A. Corcoran C M  
 James R. Henderson M   C
 Lance W. Lord   M M
 Martin Turchin M   M

M = Committee Member   C = Committee Chairman